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Countryboots by Fuller Fillies- Storm

Countryboots by Fuller Fillies- Storm

Countryboots by Fuller Fillies- Storm

Made from top-quality, full-grain leather which is both supple and robust, with a long back zip for ease of fitting and the fit that you have come to expect from Fuller Fillies!
Broad elasticated section to the back offers plenty of stretch to accommodate the widest of calves with ease.
The sole has a useful 'stirrup placement' feature to ensure perfect placement every time whilst supporting your foot in total comfort.

More info and size table at the bottom of the page.

5 Tall


€ 79.95 

5 Tall

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Fabric: Tough ‘Crazyhorse’ Nubuck Leather with Polysuede lining
Fit: Adjustable calf stretches to 20"
Colour: Black with Brown Trim
Features: Super tough Leather boot, lots of expansion, elastic laces, robust non-slip sole, ankle zip to ease access, supportive foot bed, broad fitting on foot

Regular length is 16 1/2 inches (42 cm).
Tall are 18 1/2" (47 cm)

With up-to-the-minute styling our new ‘Storm’ boot is a sure-fire winner with Equestrians and Country-lovers alike. The styling is slightly ‘edgy’ being a cross between a Country Boot and a Biker Boot - and the mix of black and brown leathers means they will go with almost any outfit!

Shoe sizes:
English size 4 = Dutch shoesize 36,5
English size 5 = Dutch shoesize 38
English size 6 = Dutch shoesize 39,5
English size 7 = Dutch shoesize 40,5
English size 8 = Dutch shoesize 42
English size 9 = Dutch shoesize 43,3

Delivery time of the boots that are not on stock is up to 2 months.


When you get them:
Get someone to help you zip them up the first few times whilst you stand up. Ascertain the length is correct and the top doesn't go to far beyond the crease in your knee.
If they are a little long they will drop HOWEVER; you should not ride in them until they do as bending your knee whilst the bend is not clear of the top will result in a sprained zip-pull…
Unless they zip up comfortably please wear them for a few times to get the leather to stretch; the Renapur will help this and should be used once you are happy with them to keep the leather fed.
You would be amazed how many returns are down to ladies not being able to wait to zip them up and breaking the zip in the process…